Your Selection:
  1. Choose a Nurse working in NC to nominate who exemplifies excellence in nursing (Licensure for all candidates for The Great 100 is verified with the North Carolina State Board of Nursing).  Nominee must reside in NC or one of its bordering states (i.e., VA, SC, TN, or GA) and 60% of their practice is provided to NC residents.                                 
  2. Gather as much information on the Nominee as possible to be thorough.

  3. Information entered in the nomination form and narrative section examples should be recent from within the past 5 years.
Online Nomination Form:
  1. Starting in 2008 the Great 100 Selections Committee transitioned to an online Nomination From with a goal of being 100% paperless. The Nomination Form will be available from January 15th-April 15th. You can access this form at
  2. All fields on the Nomination Form are mandatory. You will not be able to submit the form until each section is completed. If you do not know specific information required ask the nominee or their supervisor.
  3. You will be able to save and retrieve the form for ease but will need to keep track of your password
  4. Once submitted, you will receive email confirmation that your nomination has been received
  5. Resumes, published articles, copies of nominations for other awards such as hospital excellence awards will not be considered in lieu of the Nomination Form and will not be able to be attached to the Nomination Form
  6. The Primary Practice Categories and Descriptions are as follows:
    • Clinical: RN that spends 60% or more of their time providing direct patient care.
    • Administrative: RN that spends 60% or more of their time in a leadership/manager/administrative role.
    • Education: RN that spends 60% or more of their time to educate other RN's, students or direct education with patient or patient families.
    • Non-Traditional Role: RN that does not fit into the Clinical, Administrative, Education or APRN Categories. This includes but is not limited to Informatics, Case Management, School Nurse, Navigator, Occupational Health Nurses, and Clinical Nurse Leader.
    • APRN: (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) Graduate prepared RN functioning in an Advanced Practice RN role such as a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife, Clinical Nurse Specialist, or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. This category does not include the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader.
Narrative Sections:
  1. We recommend that you use a Word Document to type your narrative information, spell check the content, and make any changes you feel necessary. When you are satisfied with all 5 Narrative Sections you can cut and paste your content into the actual nomination form. We recommend you use a paragraph format verses bulleting the information.
    There is a 1200 character count limit for each Narrative Section. The character count algorithm INCLUDES spaces - please be mindful.
  2. The Definitions of the 5 Narrative Sections and one final "Outstanding Sentence" are as follows:
    • Professionalism - The Nurse who promotes and advances the profession of nursing in a positive way in the practice setting and/or in the community; actively seeks ways to support nurses; and collaborates effectively with all levels of health care providers.
    • Integrity/Honesty - A nurse who demonstrates integrity, respectability and ethical soundness by accepting responsibility and accountability for his/her nursing practice.
    • Commitment - A nurse who seeks out opportunities to serve patients, families and colleagues; follows through on projects to completion
    • Caring - A nurse with knowledge, positive communication skills, self-awareness and development, patience, honesty, trust, humility, hope and courage. One who is involved in the process of helping another person grow and actualize her/himself.
    • Dynamism - A nurse who dynamically impacts outcomes in the practice setting and/or community through innovation and enterprising healthcare initiatives
    • Outstanding Sentence - If your nominee were chosen, in one sentence what makes this person an outstanding nurse?
  3. For each section give specific, detailed examples of what the Nurse does that is considered to be above and beyond what is expected of the nominee as a part of their job description. Nominees don't score as high each year based on minimal descriptions, blank narrative sections, and/or little to no detailed examples. Usually, the more detailed examples that are given, the higher the points awarded.
  4. Give clear examples of the characteristics identified in the narrative sections.
    • A good example for "Is accountable and addresses ethical issues and practices within scope": "This nurse guides patients through the decision making process of choosing chemotherapy versus palliative treatment. This nurse carefully reviews the effects of both treatments on quality of life and always supports the patient's decision."
    • A poor example for "Is accountable and addresses ethical issues and practices within scope": "This nurse is a member of the hospital ethics committee."
  5. Please save and print a copy of your nomination. They wil not be available after submission. 
  1. Only the Chair and Co-Chair of the Selections Committee knows the candidates' identity - scorers receive a copy of the Nomination Form with all identifying information deleted.
  2. The scoring process is a proven system with inter-rater reliability.
  3. All Selections Committee members are educated in the scoring process and cannot submit or assist with nominations.
  4. Multiple nominations by different individuals received for the same nurse are scored separately
  1. Nominees are selected based on score received during the scoring process so be thorough and detailed
  2. After the April 15th deadline, it takes several months to review all nominations and submit the recommendations to the Board, this is usually accomplished in June. The Recipients are typically notified by the middle of July.
  3. Nominees are not notified that they have been Nominated unless they are selected as Recipients so we encourage each Nominator to make sure their Nominee is aware that they have been Nominated.