The Great 100, Inc. exists to recognize and honor Registered Nurses

in North Carolina for their commitment to excellence and to promote a positive image of the nursing profession.


We Love NC Nurses


The 36th Annual NC Great 100 Gala
will be in-person. More details will follow.

Be mindful of scams.

Plaques for winners will be provided by the Great 100. 

September 28, 2024
Hilton Embassy Suites Concord

Concord, NC


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As the President of this esteemed organization, I am honored to represent the incredible nurses who exemplify excellence in nursing practice, leadership, and service across our great state.

Since its inception, the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina has been dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of nurses who have demonstrated a commitment to improving healthcare and enhancing the well-being of our communities. Our mission is not only to acknowledge these exceptional individuals but also to inspire future generations of nurses to strive for excellence in their profession.

Our organization is built on the values of compassion, dedication, and innovation. We believe that by highlighting the achievements of our Great 100 Nurses, we can showcase the vital role that nursing plays in our healthcare system and advocate for the continuous advancement of nursing education and practice.

Throughout the year, we engage in various activities and events that promote professional development, community outreach, and collaboration among healthcare professionals. Our annual Gala, where we honor the Great 100 Nurses, is a testament to the remarkable impact that nurses have on the lives of patients, families, and communities.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our honorees, our initiatives, and the ways in which you can support our mission. Whether you are a nurse, a healthcare professional, a supporter, or simply someone who is interested in the field of nursing, there is a place for you in our community.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina. Together, we can continue to elevate the nursing profession and make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

Warmest regards,

Jason Upham, DHA, MSN, RN, CEN
Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina


The Great 100
P.O. Box 4875
Greensboro, NC