Great 100 President's Letter April 2014

Carla Tweddale RN

On April 15 at midnight the Nomination Process ended for 2014! For the last 3 months many of you have been working diligently to find out information about a teammate you feel is a worthy recipient of the Great 100! Some of you were trying to do this secretly and others might have worked directly with your teammate to gather information. You probably found out even more information about just how amazing your nominee is! You spent endless hours trying to capture you thoughts and populate narrative boxes so your nominee would stand out amongst hundreds of others who were also being nominated. You worked to paint a clear picture of exactly what makes your nominee stand out in a workplace with many other nurses. You did this from your town while all over North Carolina, others were doing exactly the same thing.

Now your work is complete and the work begins for the Selections Committee as a few members blind all the nomination and the scoring teams begin to review 100% of the nominations and work with their partner to score each one. As a past member of the Selections Committee I remember being in awe of the nominations and the stories each one told. I remember thinking how incredible it would be to work beside so many of those nurses I was only reading about on paper and had no idea who they were or which facility was fortunate enough to call them a teammate! I remember laughing as I read some and crying as I read others! We are truly blessed to work in a state with so many notable nurses!! I look forward to seeing the list of the 2014 Great 100 Nurses posted on the website the first part of July as we begin to celebrate their accomplishments with them!

Thank you for helping positively impact the Profession of Nursing!

Carla J. Tweddale, RN
President of the Board
Great 100, Inc.