Thank you for your interest in the Great 100! We have been celebrating R.N. Excellence in the state of North Carolina since 1989. The Board is proud to support the mission of celebrating nursing excellence and invite you to join us in our work to do just that. The Great 100 is recognized across our State in the mission To positively impact the image of Nursing by recognizing Nursing Excellence and providing scholarships for Nursing Education in North Carolina.

If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, please contact us at

Board  of  2019

 Executive Committee
President   Anne Brown
President-elect   Todd Friday
Past President   Wanda Adams
Treasurer   Jason Upham
Secretary   Phyllis Knight-Brown
Alumni Chair   Stacey Toben
Fundraising Chair   Vicky Orto
Gala Chair   Rhonda Creech
Marketing Chair   Carrie Edgison
Nominating Chair   Anne Brown
Bylaws Chair   Wanda Adams
Publications Chair   Renee Bridges
Scholarship Chair   Todd Friday
Selections Chair   Sheila Smallwood
Board Member   Elizabeth Shoaf
Assistant Treasurer   Carol Hudson

Fundraising Committee

Email us at:
Chair - Vicky Orto
Co-Chair -

The Fundraising subcommittee secures funding to support our recruitment and retention efforts. 

Opportunities to assist with:
     Development of solicitations letters
     Maintaining records of donations
     Adapting and expanding the organizations plan for fund raising efforts.

Marketing Committee

Email us at:
Chair - Carrie Edgison
Co-Chair - Renee Bridges

The Marketing subcommittee is responsible for the coordination of all media relations for the Great 100, Inc. and Gala Event.

Opportunities to assist with:
     Preparing news releases
     Developing brochures, posters and flyers
     Setting up booths of information about The Great 100 at area organizational meetings.

Publications Committee

Email us at:
Chair - Phyllis Knight-Brown
Co-Chair - Renee Bridges

The Publications Committee directs activities that relate to advertising and publication of the Gala program.

Opportunities to assist with:
     Tracking records of payment for advertisements in the Gala program
     Designing and proofing the Gala program

Gala Committee

Chair - Rhonda Creech
Co-Chair -

The Gala subcommittee is responsible for the Great 100 Gala.

Opportunities to assist with:
     Registration and seating
     Selecting menus and Gala venue
     Decorating and ordering flowers
     Gala Entertainment

Scholarship Committee

Chair - Todd Friday
Co-Chair - OPEN

The scholarship committee is responsible for coordinating the selection of nursing scholarship
recipients across the state of North Carolina.

Selections Committee

Email us at:
Chair - Sheila Smallwood

Co-Chair - Elizabeth Shoaf
The Selections subcommittee is responsible for the entire selections process of our Great 100 winners.

Opportunities to assist with:
     Maintaining the integrity of the Selections process
     Outreach within North Carolina to support Nominations for the Great 100
     Blinding or scoring of nominations for the Great 100
     Selection of recipients of the Great 100
     Notification of recipients of the Great 100

Alumni Committee

Chair - Stacy Toben
Opportunities to assist with:
     Alumni Great 100 Gala Silent Auction
     Alumni reception
     Developing a mentor program
     Fund raise for Nursing Scholarships
     Alumni Newsletter