Great 100 President's Letter September 2014

Carla Tweddale RN

In just over a month on October 18th, we will celebrate our 26th Gala! The Great 100 Gala Committee has been working hard to make the night a night to remember for our 2014 Great 100 Nurses. We are excited to get to meet each of you during the Gala and get to celebrate your accomplishments as a nurse. We look forward to hosting a special night with family and friends where you will be the center of attention…you deserve it!

As you begin to look with anticipation toward the big night we hope you will begin to think about being one of many nominees who was selected to be recognized this year as a Great 100 nurse. You stand out to your peers, your patients and their family members, and your facility as an outstanding nurse and caregiver. You are truly an incredible nurse and it doesn't go unnoticed!

Safe Travels, we can't wait to celebrate with you and thank you for helping positively impact the Profession of Nursing!

Carla J. Tweddale, RN
President of the Board
Great 100, Inc.