Great 100 President's Letter January 2015

Carla Tweddale RN

As we welcome in 2015 we look toward the opening of the Nominations on January 15th for this year's Great 100 nurses! This year the Great 100 Board of Directors is excited about another fabulous year! It is so exciting to look forward to the nominations that are submitted that represent nurses across our state who demonstrate excellence in our profession! Who do you have in mind to nominate this year?

As we leave from the Gala each year the Great 100 Board members clear things from the stage and wonder who will walk across it the next year. We meet a few weeks later at the board retreat and excitedly plan our Goals for each of our Committees and how we can make each of our processes for each aspect of our board even smoother in the year to come. The year flies by and before we know it, we are right back at the Gala again and ready to honor 100 more of North Carolinas finest! We truly hope your Nominee is selected this year!

Welcome 2015! We are excited to see what you bring!

Carla J. Tweddale, RN
President of the Board
Great 100, Inc.